Let’s Connect!

No matter who you are, most likely your life has been affected or influenced by someone who is connected to a form of cancer, illness or poverty.  We are so globally connected by social media, international business, increased awareness and war, the world is getting smaller and the causes we fight for are getting bigger.  It’s no longer just about us.  It’s about our family, friends and loved ones affected by disease or illness.  It’s about people in third world countries affected by natural disasters, lack of clean water and education.  There is so much to fight for, how do we begin?

This is where CharitableConnections comes in.  My mission is to connect young professionals with charitable organizations and ways to donate their time, money and energy to those in need.

I will talk about causes that have affected my life, but do not hesitate to help me, help you connect to the causes that are affecting yours.


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