Creating awareness is one of the main focuses of CharitableConnections.  There are many ways to create awareness whether it be by creating a video, posting information on a social network, writing a post on a blog, or establishing a event to celebrate your cause.  However, nothing is better than wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Or on the front of your tee…

Sevenly has raised almost $311,000 since June 2011 by doing just that.  Each week they create a new shirt that supports a cause or charity of their choice.  52 different t-shirts supporting 52 different charitable organizations.  How cool is that?!  Not only are these shirts SUPER fashionable, but each design represents the focus of the cause.  But you have to act fast!  Each design is only around for seven days!  (Monday through Sunday of each week.)

This week they are supporting Show Hope.  Show Hope supports the needs of orphans by providing medical care and shelter.  It is Sevenly’s goal to send at least $7,000 to Show Hope, so they can provide orphans the most basic needs.  Every child deserves to feel the love of a family, with your purchase $7 is added to the fund sent to Show Hope at the end of the week.

This week they have 6 different styles of shirts, 3 for men and three for women, and two hoodies, each with the same design.  Here is a sample of this week’s design…

Please help these children!  They deserve a loving home and proper nutrition. They lack even the most basic needs and Show Hope is doing what they can to help!  Please have a look at Sevenly’s website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  They are a great cause that reaches out to so many organizations.  You get a really cool tee shirt, and they get to help a really awesome cause!



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