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Be Kind

Working at a makeup store is one of the most fun jobs a girl could ever have.  I LOVE getting to try the newest products from brands like Urban Decay, Smashbox, tarte, and Bare Minerals, just to name a few.  Being a girl is so much fun and I am reminded it every day.

The Kind Campaign, however, brings to light, that not every day is great in girl world.  The founders, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, and their mothers documented their journey across the United States, creating awareness of girl-against-girl bullying and what they are doing to make sure it stops.  It is their mission to establish a school program to end school bullying among young girls.

Finding Kind

Check out this video to find out more about this project!  If you have girl friends, daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, or mothers, remind each of them, that this girl-against-girl hatred needs to stop.  Just like Linda Daugherty says at the end of the movie, “We may not all be a beautiful.  We may not all be smart. We may not all be talented, but we CAN all be kind.”