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SocialVibe | charity:water

You may have noticed the SocialVibe link on the right had side of the page. SocialVibe helps connect people with charities. In this case, it helps my readers connect with a different charity each month. When you click on the link, you can support the featured charity without making a monetary contribution.

For the remainder of May and June, the featured charity will be charity: water. charity: water is a non-profit organization that helps bring clean drinking water to others in developing countries.

I’m sure you’re asking, “You’ve written about water before, why water? What’s the big deal?” Exactly! It is a BIG deal. Water changes everything. The time that women and children spend collecting water hours away from their home is time that they can’t spend going to school, getting an education, working or raising their family. It’s dangerous. Not to mention the fact the gallons of water they are hauling from the source to their home is contaminated causing diarrhea, dehydration, illness and even death. Every 19 seconds, a child in a developing country dies from a water related illness. Often times, the amount of water they collect isn’t even enough for them to wash their hands and faces, let alone enough to drink.

Every $1 invested in improved water supply and sanitation yields an average of $4-$12 for the local economy, depending on the type of intervention.

There are so many ways you can help! You can donate any amount you want on charitywater.org. You can also do as the celebrities (and other awesome people) do and give up your birthday gifts in return for donations to charity: water from family and friends. Kristen Bell narrates this powerful animation explaining why clean water is such a big deal. You will definitely want to check this out… besides, it’s only three minutes long!

Water Changes Everything

Don’t forget – 100% of your tax deductible donations go to water projects in developing countries all over the world. If you want to learn more about the amazing cause and the wells and other projects they have created, please follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for emails to find other ways you can help and get others involved. You can also visit their store to find some pretty awesome t-shirts, bracelets, hats, pendents, and more!



When someone is feeling thirsty, we usually turn to good ol’ H2O.  What if it wasn’t as easy as turning on your faucet? What if your job was to travel miles to gather water for your community?  Water is one of the basic needs that most of us take for granted.  Too many people in developing countries are dying from lack of clean drinking water.  I know I missed World Water Day on March 22, but it is still important to understand that this is a serious issue. Here are some Water facts from Water.org:

  • 3.575 Million people die each year from a water related disease… That is equal to the entire city of Los Angeles.
  • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.
  • 884 Million people lack access to clean water… That’s almost 3x the United States Population.
  • 3.575 Million people die each year from water-related disease.
  • The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.
  • People living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.
  • An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day.
  • Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water.

Water.org was founded by Matt Damon and Gary White to help communities in Africa, South Asia and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.  Visit Water.org to find ways that you can help or follow them on Twitter!