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Born This Way

Since creating CharitableConnections, I realized that there are far more charities and causes out there to fight for then imagined.

Yes, I must admit that I watch Glee, but as a young professional in my mid-twenties, it brings attention to current issues that might not be in the forefront of my mind at this point in my life.  Most recently, I watched the episode On My Way which deals with issues like bullying and teen suicide.  This is definitely a cause worth fighting for.

Just like social media can create awareness to fight injustice and reach more people than ever, as seen with the video about Invisible Children, the same awareness, gossip and hurtful words can spread faster than ever.  The bullying becomes easier than saying something to someone’s face.  It’s as easy as clicking on someone’s name, typing words and clicking send.  The anonymity of it increases with each website.  There’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Because you don’t have to directly connect yourself with a name or profile you can be completely anonymous and write whatever you want about whoever you want.  There is almost no responsibility for what one says to or about someone else.

Lady Gaga created the Born This Way Foundation with her mother to empower youth and inspire bravery.  Just like they say at the BTWF, we should be celebrating individuality.  Our nation is a melting pot, built on the idea of being free from oppression for wanting to be different.  And you know what?!  It’s not going away.  You can’t run from difference.  It’s time EVERYONE starts to learn tolerance and acceptance.

I challenge you to increase your awareness of current issues that you might not be facing yourself, but our young people face every day of their life.  They were born this way, baby and so were you!

If you want to help support the Born This Way Foundation,  check out their website, or follow them on Twitter @BTWFoundation.  Donations will go towards empowering young people and addressing issues like mentoring, anti-bullying, and self-confidence.

If you want to donate your time to help local youth, check out Big Brothers Big Sisters.