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Do you have a Greenheart?

It never fails to amaze me how awesome it is to connect to customers that come in to shop where I work.  I come in to contact with amazing people every day hearing stories, passing on advice, or just connecting on a personal level with women shopping in our store.  Today, I saw the coolest clutch ever.  Little did I know, the coolest clutch ever had an even cooler back story.

Enter Greenheart.  Greenheart is a Fair Trade organization based out of Chicago and is a nonprofit, eco friendly store.  For those who are not familiar with the definition of Fair Trade, it is a way to promote stability and support producers and artisans in developing countries.  While, there is no exact definition, this is the main idea.

Moving on… Greenheart carries products that are made by artisans from all over the world, sells them to you, and sends 15 – 30% back to the producers.  Learn more about one of their 52 Artisans here.  With products for your home and kitchen, as well as jewelry, journals, purses, wallets and more, there is something for everyone.  They have some great gift ideas for that special person or special event you have coming up.

Get shopping… and save the world while you’re at it! 😉  Don’t be shy!  They’re on Twitter, Facebook and have their own blog!  It’s definitely worth taking a look!  Have a Greenheart.


Against the Wind Virtual 5k


Have you ever heard of a virtual 5k before?  Tomorrow marks the Against the Wind Virtual Race for the Dick Beardsley Foundation sponsored by New Balance.  This is a great idea!  You get to run whenever and wherever you want on March 31!

All you have to do is register and pay your $25 tax deductible entry fee.  Run 3.1 miles.  Record your time.  All proceeds for the race go to the Dick Beardsley Foundation, which helps create awareness for chemical dependency and aids in support for those who are unable to pay for a 12 step program.

But wait… what do I get if I run really fast!?  Well friend, not only do you get to support a great cause, but you also have the chance to win monetary prizes (5,000th place gets $250!) or one of many marathon entrance fees, autographed books, memorabilia and more!

I heard about this on Z102.9, one of my favorite local radio stations, and wanted to pass on this great event!  Since I am in training for my first half marathon in May, this is a great opportunity to race against the clock and see how my training has stacked up to others.  

If you are in the Cedar Rapids area and want to run with someone, email Scott@kzia.com for more details!  Good Luck!

To find out more information, or to register for the race check out their website.  Be sure to “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!